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Diving with… Dave E. Santos, Buceo Anilao Beach and Dive Resort, Anilao, Philippines

Asia DTA Team



In this ongoing series, we speak to the people who run dive centres, resorts and liveaboards from around the world about their businesses and the diving they have to offer…

What is your name?

Dave E. Santos

What is the name of your business?

Buceo Anilao Beach and Dive Resort

What is your role within the business?

I am part owner and the General Manager of Buceo Anilao.

How long has the business operated for?

We started the business March 15, 2014 so we are running 7 years.

How long have you dived for, and what qualification are you?

I have been diving for 34 years. I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and EFR Instructor.

What is your favorite type of diving?

I love diving on colourful reefs, but Muck dives are very exciting to me because of all the strange critters that can be seen.

If you could tell people one thing about your business (or maybe more!) to make them want to visit you what would it be?

If you guys love Nudibranchs and different critters, this is the place to go. We are known as the Nudibranch capital of the world for a reason! But that’s not the only thing we have here. With over 50 dive sites in our area you’re bound to see what you’re looking for! If you have a list of rare critter you want to check off your bucket list Anilao is the place to go!

What is your favorite dive in your location and why?

For corals I love Beatrice rock because of the colours and abundance of Marine life teaming over the reefs. Then for muck dives a site called Siem Siem is fantastic for so many kinds of critters. Depending on the season, things that can be seen are Ambon scorpion fish, weird Nudis, mimic octopus, wonderpus, blue ring octopus (we’ve seen up to 3 per dive!) and lots more!

What types of diving are available in your location?

We are becoming very popular for excellent muck dives and colourful reefs. If you want to Big fish this is really not the place to be but… we have seen the occasional whale shark…hehehe

What do you find most rewarding about your current role?

Besides being able to dive anytime I like, I would say the greatest reward in my current role is promoting our country to our local and international tourists so they can experience the beauty of the Philippines, specifically Anilao.

What is your favourite underwater creature?

I would say what really amazes me and gives me goose bumps is when I see a blue ringed octopus and special nudibranchs!

Are there any exciting changes / developments coming up in the near future?

Regarding the resort, we have added new rooms which will be ready to open soon. No need to turn down guests anymore due to lack of space! From only 17 room now we can fill 23 rooms with happy divers! New species of nudibranchs are also occasionally popping up needing to be named, maybe the next Nudi can be named after you!!

As a center what is the biggest problem you face at the moment?

Besides this Pandemic, the biggest problems we are facing now are actually the laws implemented by the LGU’s regarding when we can go out to dive because of weather, new rules regarding having to submit a manifest with the coast guard station every time we go out for our dives and the plan to phase out wooden hulled boats which have been used for so many years. The Philippines is known for these wooden boats with outriggers and are called “Bangkas”.

Is your center involved in any environmental work?

We do our part with environmental work. Even though the setting up of buoys should be done by our local government, since we pay Diver taxes and they have the funds, we set up some buoys ourselves to try to minimize anchoring on the dive sites. We also work with the LGUs to educate the locals on the proper way of disposing their trash, daily cleaning of our shorefront and we participate in clean ups organized by different NGU’s (Non-Government Units).

How do you see the SCUBA / Freediving / snorkeling industry overall? What changes would you make?

Over-all this industry is growing and like anything that grows we need to be cautious and try to avoid a negative impact on our environment. So we should do more projects to sustain the environment.

What would you say to our visitors to promote the diving you have to offer?

Macro, muck, and beautiful coral reefs! If any of these appeal to you then come on over and enjoy yourselves! You will not be disappointed with the biodiversity of our waters. From the most colourful marine life, coral reefs, and the resort itself! Buceo Anilao is the destination for a colourful vacation. Oh! Before I forget, we also offer blackwater dives! If you want to experience diving in the outer space then this is the new adventure for you!

Where can our visitors find out more about your business?

Buceo Anilao Beach and Dive Resort

Sitio Balanoy, San Teodoro, Mabini Batangas, Philippines, 4202





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DAN and Indonesia Ministry of Tourism advance commitment to Safe Diving

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The meeting took place in Jakarta amid the opening of Deep and Extreme Indonesia, Asia’s largest outdoor adventure, diving, and marine tourism show, and followed the signing of a memorandum of understanding earlier this year in which the organizations committed to working together to promote safe diving.

In the months ahead, DAN’s Indonesia team, led by Ronny Hertiadhi and Bayu Wardoyo, will be undertaking various initiatives including raising awareness for the new DAN Emergency Hotline in Indonesia (which is available in Bahasa Indonesia and English), training physicians through DAN’s Academies of Dive Medicine, conducting inspections and providing support for recompression chambers, training chamber operators, disseminating safety resources for divers (new and experienced), and supporting dive professionals and operators with free safety consultations, safety seminars, and risk mitigation measures.

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Save on NEW Emperor Harmoni

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The launch of Emperor Harmoni – Emperor Divers’ brand-new liveaboard in Indonesia – is just a few weeks away with the finishing touches currently taking place. And, to welcome her to their fleet, Emperor have put together an offer as magnificent as the boat herself.

Anyone booking a trip on Harmoni for 2022 or 2023 will receive a 25% discount if they book and confirm before October 1st 2022.

That means the first guests on board can not only explore and dive the Indonesian waters in the finest of style but do so at an incredible price. And sailing on Harmoni really is fine.

She is a 24-berth, traditional Indonesian phinisi-style vessel which has been bespoke made using a combination of Emperor’s vast experience of liveaboards and the expertise of legendary Indonesian boat builder Pak Haji.

Constructed almost entirely by hand using Sulawesi ironwood, Harmoni has been designed specifically to offer the finest diving experiences possible in spacious surroundings of the very highest standard.

The beautifully-finished cabins all have en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning while the deck areas offer plenty of comfortable places to sit and maybe even enjoy a relaxing massage. The dining area is spacious and serves the high-quality food and drink you would expect from an Emperor Divers holiday.

The first trip leaves on September 16th and will cruise from Bali, taking in the wonderful scenery of Moyo Island, Sumbawa and Sangean Volcano before finally reaching Komodo National Park. 

The offer is valid on new bookings only and discount is not to be combined with group free places or any other discount or promotion.

Email to confirm pricing and availability or speak personally to the Emperor Divers’ reservation team to find out more.

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